“Firstly, a HUGE shout out to my coach, business partner and great friend Alex Connor for getting me into the best condition of my life. I’ve always been pretty dedicated to hitting the gym and staying fit, however, until this year I’d never been able achieve my ideal physique and image. Alex has guided me through optimising my nutrition and training and provided me with a wealth of knowledge that I can carry forward for the rest of my life. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend speaking to him if you’re serious about getting better results in the gym; whether that is losing weight, bulking up, getting ripped, gaining strength, improving your form or just simply living a healthier lifestyle.

Secondly, I want to shed some truth around the fitness and supplement industry based on what I’ve learnt in my journey. Getting into this shape was probably one of the fucking simplest things I’ve ever done in my life. I definitely don’t mean it was easy (it required a fair bit of discipline at times) — I mean it was incredibly SIMPLE. There was absolutely nothing complicated about it. There were no magic pills to buy, no special fat burning supplements, no steroids, no clen, no sarms, no testosterone boosters, no online courses to subscribe to, no fucking keto diet, no intermittent fasting, no fasted cardio, no products to buy of any kind whatsoever. All I did was eat the right amounts of macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) and train a little smarter. I didn’t omit any foods from my diet. I often went out for donuts, ice cream, burgers and chips. But most of the time I stuck to nutritious whole foods like meat, fish, veg, fruit, grains, legumes, berries, nuts, etc. My coach (Alex) gave me my training plans and set my daily macros and I just stuck to it. I just hit the numbers day in day out (with the occasional fuck up). That’s literally it. I dropped 10kg in 6 months while increasing strength and lean muscle mass. We’re now increasing my food intake (at a calculated rate) to help build even more strength and mass while staying lean year-round.

I see so many people wasting time, money and energy on shit that doesn’t work or is actually counter productive. I see people in the gym that look exactly the same as they did when I signed up a year ago. But it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault, it’s just that they haven’t been exposed to the right information and acquired the right knowledge. So anyway, I guess the point of my story (rant) is that whatever you want to do in life (especially in health and fitness) it’s most likely very achievable. You just need the right knowledge. If you feel that you’re not making progress, you’re not losing weight, you’re not getting any stronger, etc. just go seek out the right knowledge to get you there. Most of the time our ego, laziness or routine gets in the way and prevents us from reaching our goals.”



“Inspirational. Motivational. Passionate. Dedicated. Honourable. Dream Chaser. Understanding… Are just some of the words that explain the dedication and true passion embedded into Alex Connor’s everyday life and fitness coaching. Being highly educated in his area of expertise, that is fitness – Alex strives to encourage and inspire his clients with passion and a sense of power. Being the head lion in his pack of Fearless clients, his wisdom and leadership allow for people to grow and become better people. Alex has coached me, inspired me and guided me to believe in myself. Not only did he give me exceptional life advice but he also trained me to become stronger both physically and mentally. My nutrition has greatly improved and I am now more educated on the area of fitness and nutrition. I know how to balance daily life and implement not only successful but effective training schedules into my life. With his training, my physique has significantly improved and my passion towards gym has also greatened. In my own words, he is a “God” of nutrition and exercise and I can trust that no matter who he coaches, he will inspire and be a massive benefit into their lives. The words that he says to you, never leave your mind because they are so full of truth and honesty. I can not think of a better coach than Alex, who truly has passion and wont give up. Neither will his clients, because he wont let them!”



“Before commencing my initial 12 weeks with Alex at Fearless training, my nutrition was quite poor and inconsistent. My training was becoming mundane and repetitive where I would just be going through the motions. Since starting with Alex, I soon realised my previous eating and training habits were counter productive as I was not getting the adequate nutrition to fuel my training to ultimately fulfil my goals to gain muscle. Alex not only put together a 12 week nutrition and training plan, but provided ongoing support week to week checking in to see how things were traveling, monitoring progress, providing advice and sharing his knowledge.The program was tailored to my lifestyle and the three day training program helped me to fit my training into a busy lifestyle making it enjoyable. Alex’s passion for health and fitness is evident throughout the program as he puts in vast amounts of effort explaining and detailing every aspect of your plan on a weekly basis. It is refreshing to see his passion past on to people helping them achieve their goals. I would highly recommend Fearless Training to anyone that needs that extra support and direction and ultimately someone who wants to achieve their goals! As Alex would say; Stay Fearless!”



“I contacted Alex in October last year for some coaching. I spent 8 weeks in the gym training with him. Xmas took hold and I lost my gains. However the training I received stuck with me and I am now confident in a gym. I make better choices when eating… No dieting required. I eat whatever I want! My recent changes are the result of some heavy training, boxing and guidance from the best coach on the GC… Stay Fearless!”



“It has honestly been the best 12 weeks. What I was able to achieve in this short period of time, I had been struggling to do for years and now that I finally understand this lifestyle, it is one that I can carry through forever. I owe you a lot of thanks for answering all my questions, guiding me & being the greatest source of assistance throughout this all, it is all highly appreciated. I loved that the plan was not stuck in place and once I learned the basics of it all, we were able to change it around and be flexible with it all and the training plan was a great guide. I absolute loved that it was a flexible lifestyle that wasn’t at all too difficult yet achieved awesome results. Thank you Alex. Staying fearless is a way of life.”



“I want to thank Alex for the results I have been getting on his coaching plans, I feel so much better & am much happier with the way I look, the hard work is paying off, Im not so concerned with my weight on the scale anymore but how Im starting to look in the mirror.”



“Fearless training is a great program that is flexible and caters to the clients’ needs. The 12 week program goes beyond any services that generic personal trainers or nutrition companies provide; tailoring the exercise and nutrition to the individual’s needs. This program is especially effective as it is about making fitness ‘fit’ into your life, not your life into a strict regime of eating and training. The method through which it does this is through teaching clients the fundamental rules of nutrition and exercise, giving the client the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reach their goals even after completion of the training program. I found Alex, a very personable and inspirational coach, who really makes an effort to go beyond client-trainer relationship and makes fearless training a team, which he leads by example.”



“Very knowledgable, competent has a good knowledge base, obviously has a long history in the fitness industry. Was very encouraging, motivating and made me feel confident and reassured throughout the coaching.”



“Alex was quite approachable and knowledgable. He answered all my questions and relayed them into a simple, no nonsense training programme. Alex was always available for support and guidance or just for that motivational boost. His knowledge of how to eat but more importantly ‘ why’ was amazing yet in simple layman’s terms. The pricing side of the house was superb and the manner in which he picked my preferred ingredients was basic and easily affordable on any supermarket shelf. He also achieved this without leaving a gaping hole in my wallet. The overall experience i have had with fearless training has been great and hence, the reason i am continuing on with another programme. Highly recommend Alex and his programmes for a non egotistical trainer providing simple stupid programmes which deliver results.”



“I want to thank Alex at Fearless Training for showing me how to get shredded & still eat an enjoyable amount of food not to mention foods I really love..CHOCOLATE!”